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Chanel 2011 Black Python Single Flap

Chanel 2011 Black Python Single Flap

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Easily one of the most incredible bags I have laid my eyes on, this black python Chanel flap is an absolute stunner. One thing to note about the construction of this bag is that the large scales have been placed directly down the center of this bag, and traditionally, most exotic classic flap bags have a seam down the center. I really love that the change was made to allow those big scales the center spotlight they deserve, I think it makes the bag look even more luxurious. The bag features the traditional diamond quilt stitch, back pocket, turn lock and single zipper pocket while also dividing the interior into two separate areas. Speaking of, the interior is fully lined in a black satin silk with silver hardware that matches the turn lock and chain on the exterior.  The chain itself is also slightly different, it is partially that traditional threaded chain but then switches to full python straps. The wear throughout the bag is minor, there is some scale flaking here and there but nothing consistent or glaringly obvious. The only significant wear is that python in one of the threaded straps has had a stitch undone so the edge of it sticks out slightly. To note it is still secure and by no means hanging by a thread or susceptible to unraveling, just a slight cosmetic imperfection. 



  • Length: 14"
  • Width: 2.5"
  • Height: 8"
  • Strap Drop:  10.25"


  • Dustbag, not Chanel 
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